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Copying and pasting from [personal profile] arduinna

"I somehow missed that this was happening a few months back, so maybe other people did, too.

My Kindle for PC updated itself silently to version 1.19, which is compatible with Amazon's latest formatting. This is great for being able to use the new formatting! This is not so great if you use Calibre to manage your library. Calibre can't read or even recognize the new format, so can't import your books.

If you use Calibre, the easiest thing to do is to uninstall Kindle 1.19 and reinstall the older version, 1.17, and make sure that the "automatically update" box is unchecked.

The Mobileread forum has a thread on how to do this, including direct links to safe downloads of v 1.17 on Amazon. It also has instructions for other methods, if you don't want to downgrade your Kindle for PC/Mac."
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Hello is this still alive ? I have a little problem, did a big update on calibre (didn't do it for one or two years) and now my templat for calibre
look and feel is gone. Is the old template from amothea still up to date or are there newer ones somewhere ?

Thanks in advance.
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My Sony T1 reader isn't dead yet, but that Voyager screen looks beautifully crisp and I am so, so tempted.

Does anyone have any idea on how this latest Kindle works with fanfic? I always said I would give Kindle another chance if they had page-turn buttons and a decent catalog/tagging system.

Can the Voyager:
- load drm-free epub or mobi via calibre?
- load personal epubs (aka fanfic) via calibre?
- organize into categories (ideally from calibre) or am I going to end up with a giant alpha list of every fic?

If you have a Voyager, please help! The FAQs on Amazon don't really cover the cloud collections thing (or at least I couldn't find it)
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Hi all.
I've been using Calibre for about 2 years now and have had little to no problems until now. I'm unsure if my problem is related to Calibre or to an AO3 update and to be truthful, it's a relatively minor functional issue, but is hugely irritating in practice.

Here it is: For the past 3 or 4 days, when I update a fic, any fic or anthology/series from AO3, Calibre replaces [author name] with [Anonymous]. I update at least 10 WIPs daily, so this is quickly becoming a peeve.

Does anyone know if I've mistakenly changed some Preference tab business that I'm unaware of?

Is anyone else having this problem?

Thanks much in advance,
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This weekend I worked on adding more automated functions to my Fanfiction Download Plugin (FFDL).

All setting changes are in my personal.ini tab of the FFDL configure plugin.

1) Remove all the Archive of Our Own information that is automatically inserted into the tag field, like Characters, Additional tags, Relationships, and etc...

# only put fandoms in tags
include_subject_tags: fandoms

2) Add "a03 downloader" to all stories I download via A03.
read more )

3) Automatically rename A03 fandoms to something else.
read more )

4) Automatically fills in covers when I download a story
read more )

5) My Archive of Our Own complete settings
read more )
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Hey, guys. I've successfully used EpubMerge before, but I tried it again today and wasn't too happy with the results. Here were the issues I encountered:

1. Calibre generated its own cover for each of the books in the series. I created a cover for the entire series, but I don't want the individual books to have their own covers. Is there a way to tell Calibre that you only want one cover for the series?

2. There's no table of contents at the beginning, listing each part of the series. Is there any way to add that?

3. In the table of contents at the back of the series, each individual book had two "chapters" listed under it: the author's name, and the author's notes. (Probably relevant: I downloaded the series from Archive of Our Own.) Is there any way to remove that? Obviously I would want the actual chapters, if each individual book was a multi-chapter fic; but since that's not the case, I don't want the author and author's notes to count as chapters.

On a separate note, has anyone ever had trouble with their covers transferring to the Kindle Fire? I use the "Send to Kindle Fire" plug-in thing that Amazon offers, because it sends all my fics to "Docs" instead of "Books" (don't want random people noticing my fanfic, lol). But half the time I use the plug-in, the covers don't transfer and I get a generic white cover with black text.

Any help with any of these issues would be greatly appreciated! =)
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Covers for Fanfiction Lovers I'm sort of hoping someone who is into Avengers and Teen Wolf participate in the thread and share their covers.

In the meantime, this post is most helpful for White Collar and Supernatural fans. :)
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Last week, I used the FanFictionDL plugin in Calibre to create an anthology epub of a series on AO3. Everything went fine. This week, the author added a new story to that series. I was able to use FanFictionDL to update the anthology epub, but I can't get the Count Pages plugin to update the new page total. I get an error message that says "Book already has all statistics and overwrite is turned off." I've been through all the settings in FanFictionDL, Count Pages, EpubMerge, and Calibre itself, but I can't figure out where it thinks I'm telling it not to overwrite the page count. Any of you Calibre power users know what I'm doing wrong?
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Both plugins have updated and now allow users to download series on archives as an epub anthologies. Which is awesome in my book. :)

For more information visit the Mobile Read fanfiction downloader plugin thread.

If you'd like a screen cap version visit the Teleread: Using Calibre for E-Book Management, Chapter 10: Plugins
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Dotdotdot is billed as a "digital reading app" that allows you to read all your ebooks and web texts in one place. I was thinking this might be good for fanfic and was curious about trying it. Anyone familiar with it?
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Hi folks!

I'm trying to decide how to organize some of the fic I save from the web. Primarily I use a combination of Calibre w/the fanfic downloader plugin and the Firefox extension Grab My Book these days to save fic. However, I've got a big backlog of stories that I've saved from sites over the past several years, some of  which is no longer available online. 

So, do you combine all parts of a story into one big file and then import it into Calibre? Do you prefer stories by one author to be collected into one e-book or each story stored seperately? And what about several stories that are part of the same universe of a particular author, would you combine those or just assign them as part of a series?

Mostly, I've been combining several stories into one big collection, but have been re-thinking that approach this past week, and thought I'd get input from the group before I go trying to make any significant changes. For instance, I saved [ profile] chilly_flame's Small Favors universe (Devil Wears Prada featuring the Miranda/Andy 'ship) in one e-book, while other stories she's written are in additional e-books. If it makes a difference, I primarily read these either with Calibre or on my Nook Color.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts and advice you care to share. And thanks for the contributors to this group. I've picked up a couple of good ideas from reading older posts.

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(I first posted this on an ereader site I frequent, but I thought that it might also serve someone over here.)

I have come to depend a lot on these two services and I thought that others who use Amazon's Kindle might also find them convenient. One is Send to Kindle for PC, the other is a fanfic downloading side called FlagFic, both of which allow you to send fanfics directly to your Kindle and also archive the stories, if you choose.

Using flag, if you put your free kindle email ( into the line for sending the story to email, and then authorize the email connected to flagfic by going to the section under your amazon account called "manage your kindle," and then click on the link called "personal document settings," you'll see a place that lets you add approved email addresses. Once you've added the flagfic email, you'll be able to add the stories directly to the kindle over wifi. It also stores the stories in your archive under personal documents, which means you'll be able to download them at any time over wifi. I've always found it very convenient.

The other program, Send to Kindle, allows you to register the program to your account, and then after doing that you'll be able to send documents to your kindle with the choice of whether or not you want the file to be added to your archive. It also converts the file to amazon's format, with the exception of pdf's, and with the program you can send up to 25 stories at a time, which is pretty convenient if you have a large fanfiction collection like I do.
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Recently I had the opportunity to buy a Kindle 3 3G for very cheap and I decided that the higher storage on device, and also free 3G to download my ebooks at any time, made it a no brainer to go through with the purchase. However, I do have one question about the 3G - apparently downloading Amazon books from the cloud is free to do, but I heard on a forum about ereaders that downloading personal documents is not. Since the majority of what I read on my kindle are fanfics that I have uploaded to the cloud as "personal documents," I wanted to know if others have had any experience with 3G and personal documents, and could tell me if they are free or not.
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I want to buy a new ereader for Christmas: my Cybook Orizon is a nightmare when you need to manage hundreds of files.
I have set my eyes on the Sony PRS T2 because I've seen in a lot of comments that Sony ereaders are great with Calibre collections and I need to use them to navigate amidst so many files (I have 1500 epubs in my library, and I'd like to have them all on my ereader). I have only one doubt: all the comments I have read are about the older Sony ereaders (PRS 550 or 650), not about the new ones like the PRS T2, that has a different software, based on Android (like the T1). So I am wondering: do you know if the T2 is as good with Calibre collections as its older brothers? And: is it fast at opening/finding a file when you have hundreds of them?
Oh, and another thing: is it possible for the T2 to see folders created by the owner, like a USB storage?

Thanks in advance!

Kobo glo?

Dec. 2nd, 2012 03:00 pm
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My Sony pocket died this week, so I'm been looking into getting a new ereader. The only brand available in my country is Sony, but my brother is going to the UK soon and may be able to bring home a Kobo glo.

Does anyone here own a Kobo? How is it? Can you download fanfiction directly from AO3 to the Kobo? and does Calibre work well with Kobo or do you have to use Kobo's own program?

If my brother can't get a hold of the Kobo glo, then I'm getting the Sony Reader PRS-T2. For those of you with a Sony wi-fi reader, I'm wondering the same thing as above, Can you download fanfiction directly from AO3 to the Sony reader?

I read that online browsing doesn't work so well with reader's that have wi-fi, so I'm really interested in hearing how AO3 looks.
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Great, now I'm having trouble with Calibre. I have it hooked to my NOOK and it doesn't recognize that it's hooked up at all. So I can't upload or remove books from my NOOK.

I can download books to Calibre and I can read in Calibre, I need to know if the books uploaded to Calibre then to NOOK will work now that I removed ADE. Oh, and I found out that ADE makes a folder for itself onto the NOOK if it's downloaded and used on your computer. So I deleted the ADE folder and got back a little space on my NOOK. I removed the folder <i>after</i> I found out that Calibre wasn't hooking up to my NOOK. So removing the folder is not the cause.

Do I need to uninstall Calibre and reinstall it again? I have over 300 books on it and I didn't want to do that if I didn't have to.

Help? :(


Nov. 26th, 2012 08:34 pm
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Today I downloaded Adobe Digital Edition because I purchased a Secure Epub book. I wanted to only open this one book on Adobe Digital. I got my husband to help and he told me to click here and there without really listening to what I wanted, and now all my epubs are set to open with ADE and I can't set them back. Now Calibre won't recognize any of the epub files I have on my laptop, it only sees the pdfs and the one Secure adobe file. I want to go back to my original epub version without having to wipe everything out and reload. And if my windows is set to open everything with ADE, anything I download will automatically be changed to ADE.

Hubby is no help at all on how to fix it. Please help, I'm desperate! :(
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I've seen more requests on how to use Calibre plugins to download fic from archives into Calibre and how to merge series into a single file. This tutorial will first cover how to install plugins. As well as how to use the plugin Fanfiction Downloader to download fic from archives into Calibre and then the use of the plugin Epubmerge to merge series into a single file.

Install plugins )
How to setup Fanfiction Downloader )
How to use Fanfiction Downloader )
Epubmerge )

comment count unavailable

*this is also posted my personal journal. Sorry for anyone that saw this post twice. It didn't feel right to direct community members to my personal journal to read the tutorial.
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Apologies if this is well known, (if so, why did no one tell me?!?) but I had to drop in and squee.

I use my Sony T1 mostly for fanfic and I have been using the FanfictionDownloader plugin with glee since I first found out about it on this comm. I had avoided plugins before that, but no longer!

If, like me, you have hundreds of fanfics in your library, you might despair of keeping series together without having 100+ pages to search through or 100+ category and series tags. My workaround was to copy-paste all the fics in a series into one Word doc with H1/H2/H3 styles per story/chapter then load into calibre and convert. That way, I load only 1 ebook instead of however many in the series; I also compile favorite author's works, as a hedge just in case someone I will miss deletes their work. (Note: the DOCX calibre plugin is also brilliant because I always forget to save in RTF and now I don't have to care at all.)

Then this morning, I discovered the Epub Merge plugin. BLISS.

Now, I can use FFdownloader to grab ALL the files in a set (author/series/theme/etc), then select relevant files in my calibre library and use Epub Merge to compile. Epub Merge lets you sort the files and update the metadata before running the merge, and in a few clicks I have condensed 4 multi-chapter fics into a single ebook with sections and chapters. Better yet, the original epubs are not destroyed so you have options.

For those with super large libraries, I have noticed a performance improvement for large files vs large numbers of files, which makes sense when you think about it. Instead of indexing 33 epubs in a series (each between 500 and 6000 words), my T1 just has to index 1 ebook with 100K words. That's 32 fewer files for the ereader to index, and when I open it the TOC has the individual stories/chapters properly linked so you can hop to your favorite part.

Even better, if you ALREADY have the single epubs loaded, it won't take more than a moment to convert a set into a single ebook.

I love calibre, and the wonderful community around it. (Next up: learning to use Kindle Collections and see if I can't push them to my Fire too ;)
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I'm back with another question.

Originally, I had calibre installed on my desktop computer, but for some reason, it was very resource intensive, and it made my fan go nuts every time I started it. So, I uninstalled it from my desktop and installed it on my netbook. I haven't had any problems with it since, and have been working on getting the settings tweaked according to my needs.

The only thing that's problematic is the small screen size of my netbook, and I'd like to try installing calibre on my desktop again. I'd like to keep the settings I made. Is that possible, or will I have to copy and paste every change I made to the preferences, and recreate custom columns for the desktop installation?

Thank you in advance!


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