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Due to time limitations I've decided to discontinue providing LRF formatted fan fiction on the Ebook Library.

Users who are using the older model Sony devices can still download the Epub format and convert to LRF if necessary.
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Count Pages is a very useful plugin that will with a click of a button count the pages in a mobi/epug file and tell you how many words are in the story.

If you already have Calibre you can install this plugin via Calibre.

I installed this about two weeks ago on Calibre and I'm loving it so far. I have it setup to not only count pages in a fan fiction story but to also generate a word count. This is useful for anyone that likes to organize their stories by story length. :)

There are other fan fiction friendly plugins available through Calibre but I haven't tested them all out yet.
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Ok, so I feel really stupid, but I JUST got my first ereader for Christmas. It is a Pandigital Novel so I have just been reading fanfiction online. But now I am going on a trip and would like to save some either on my ereader or an SD card. Can someone tell me or give me a link to a site that tells me how I can do this. For someone that is not very computer savvy.

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I use my ipad as an ereader and thanks to this comm, have found ways to get fanfic onto it. There wasn't a community for ipad on LJ in English so I made one. For the few that use ipad, even as an ereader, you're welcome to join. ty
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I received the Nook Simple Touch for Christmas and now I'm trying to figure out how to load a free book from BN to the Nook. So far this is what has happened-

I have my regular My Docs folder on my computer that contains a folder that I created called 'ebooks'. Inside that I've created a BN freebie folder.

Next I have the regular Nook folder that opens up in the D Drive when connected to the computer. Inside that is the Nook 'My Files' folder and inside that a My Documents folder that contains the ebook I downloaded from BN. I've tried copying it to my regular My Docs folder so there is a duplicate. I have no idea where to drag the copy from the Nook folder so that it will show up on my Nook. All the instructions I've googled tell me to drag it to my Nook, but where? It also says to download Adobe Digital Editions and that will upload the book to my Nook. But another article says that it only works on books that are NOT from BN.

I have no idea how to make this work. Could someone please tell me in simple step by step 'NOOK for Dummies' how to do this? :\ If you could even screencap images that would be even more fantastic since I am a visual person when it comes to instructions. Thanks!
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I've been reading up on the changes to the comments and it looks like there may be a fix to show subject headings but you have to have a paid or plus account for it to work. I have neither. So it is highly unlikely that subject headers for comments will be coming back to this community on LJ.

This community doesn't generate all that many comments and I'm not sure if it's worth the effort to create a fanfic_ebooks community at Dreamwidth?

I'd appreciate all opinions and ideas.
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I haven't seen this posted yet. I just found it myself. I use my ipad as an ereader (save fics as pdfs via free print2pdf programs and then reading them via stanza, ibooks, goodreader, and other apps). While looking for fanfic apps, I found one called Pocket Fiction. It lets you download all your faves from and alerts you to when your alerted stories get updated. Downfall is you cannot sync multiple accounts and is the only site available right now vs various fic archive sites. I still think it's worth checking out.


Tagged: device: ipod/ipad, formats: pdf (new tag request please)

Edit: Oh and don't be afraid to email the creator asking for things and giving feedback. I sent out two messages after I got the app and got speedy replies.
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Hi all! I was looking at e-readers and liked the specs on the Ectaco Jetbook. Mainly, I liked that it supports a whole bunch of different filetypes (mobi, epub, txt, html, rtf, etc.) and has an SD card slot for expanding the memory--and adding new reading material easily.

Does anyone out there have a Jetbook? What did you think of it? Did you like it? How does it do with fanfic? How do you load up your fanfic on the reader--can you just save the file as html and then load & read it on the device?
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Hi, everyone! First-time poster with a question! I just got an Aluratek Libre ebook reader; one of the 7 inch colour screen ones. I've got a couple gigs of fic to put on it, from multiple fandoms. With my old ereader, I just sorted the fic into fandom-distinct folders, and the folders showed up on the ereader itself, making fandom-specific browsing simple. Not so with this new one. The folders don't show up; all 500+ of my fics are just an alphabetized jumble. Do any of you own one of these, and is there a way around this problem? Thanks!

Quick hi

Aug. 17th, 2011 11:37 pm
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Just discovered this community--I'm surprised I didn't look sooner. I've already gotten involved in fanfiction conversion after getting an Astak EZ Reader Pocket Pro *last* summer. It handles epub best, so I started asking one of my older fanfic communities (Lois & Clark) if it would be possible to offer fics in epub and not just txt like their archive had. So now we have a fanfic archive wiki. (I've converted about half the stories on there from the txt files with use of Word and Sigil--I think I did all of Nan Smith's fics if you want to see what I come up with and give any tips.) Haven't had time as of late thanks to real life stuff, but ran across this community in a search to find the archive to link a friend to who wanted long fics to read on her Kindle.

I have a huge backlog of stories to go convert to epub myself, but haven't had the time, and since I don't have the time to track down author permission, I can't share the ones I have already created on my own (some from forums where it's difficult even to read it on the computer because you have to wade through 10 dozen comments in between each part posted). Thankfully the EZ Reader handles html (which is what I grab from ff.n with Fanfiction Downloader) ok, if it's not gigantic (I've had 2 mb html files crash it every 25 pages, though, so next time I re-read that particular series of fics I plan on doing it on the computer--and converting to epub in the process!) AO3 is awesome, though. :D (I always grab 'em in both epub and pdf--pdf is way easier to read on the computer, but epub works better on the e-reader.)

So now that you've heard my rambly hi-and-here's-what-I'm-up-to-in-the-world-of-fanfic-ebooks, what about you? Anyone else heavily involved in a fandom format conversion akin to L&C?
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Hello ladies and germs,

I follow several authors on that have LOTS of stories and downloading each story separately takes a while and can be a pain. I had searched and found a solution using a calibre recipe by that took advantage of a user's server. Unfortunately, around June 6, it stopped working. I'll get the story and chapter titles, but the chapters are empty. Does anybody have a solution to download an author's entire body of work? I tried PMing the user but haven't gotten a response yet. I'd also like to try a solution that isn't dependent on someone's server.

All of the fanfiction downloaders seem to only go by story. I'm sure a lot of people would download an entire author. It seems like it wouldn't be a huge leap to provide the author's RSS feed (which the previous solution used) to get the story links. I just don't have the know-how to accomplish it.

I don't yet have an e-reader, but I'm planning to get one. For now I like to archive my favorite fanfics in case they disappear. Any web or software solution would be great.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi all,

I'm currently in the market for a new e-reader and thought I'd ask around before I made a decision. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I've had my eye on the new Kobo Touch since it seemingly suits my needs perfectly -- I don't really care about a text-to-speech option or an mp3 option since I have an ipod and a text-to-speech program on my computer -- but a lot of people told me that the Kindle is the better deal since the programers have had longer to work on the updates. Others have told me I really should just spend the extra cash and get a Nook Color since its a reader and a tablet in one so...opinions?
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Lately i read The Wheel Of Time series for the first time and i can't stop reading it. I can only find the first book in my country now i'm looking for The Shadow Rising the book four from the series. It used to be in torrent but i can't find it there anymore. I've search the web and nada. Please can you tell me where i can download The Shadow rising? Thank you :)


Jun. 2nd, 2011 06:33 pm
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Has anyone used the Fanfiction Lightweight Automated Grabber (FLAG)?

How does it compare to Graffer and Fanfiction Downloader in terms of ease of use and the appearance of the finished e-book?

I use Calibre to put .epub files on my Sony PRS-505 if that makes a difference.
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 If there was a comm where you can find copies of deleted fic, would you use it? Please answer in this poll at my journal.

Mods, feel free to delete if not allowed.

(kinda on subject because the fics I have saved are in e-reader format aka pdf/epub)
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 In a fic finder community, someone was looking for recs. I had a fic to rec, knew I saved it but don't know the title. I could look through all the saved fic PDFs that I have but I have over 650. Is there a program or anything where I can find things inside of documents? I've tried regular windows search and 'file contents' search. Both came up empty. Any ideas? I want to be able to search and not have to open every pdf file. Thanks


Mar. 14th, 2011 12:04 pm
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Does anyone know what happened to Squee!Book? The last couple of times I tried to use it, the site was down. Is that just bad timing on my part? Did it move? Is it gone?
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On Saturday I made a few changes to the Ebook Library

In the left column under Most Recent I've added the fandom name for the story and increased the character limit so that more of the summary is visible. I've also done the same for Featured Stories on the Main page.

The other major change is that I removed two of the Skins because parts were broken by the above changes and I won't have time to fix it until next weekend.

The last change is for anyone that is using an RSS reader to recieve updates on the archive. The fandom is now also listed next to the rating.

Someone rightly pointed out that you can't always tell by the summary what fandom the story is in.

I'm hoping these few changes will make navigating and finding stories in your preferred fandoms easier. :)

I'm hoping my changes didn't damage any other part of the site so if you see any weird formatting errors please don't hesitate to contact me so I can fix it.

ETA: There is a LJ rss feed for the most recent updates at the Ebook Library. Go Here to add the feed to your LJ.

Thank you [ profile] velocitygrass for finding it!
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For the past couple of week I have downloaded all of the favorites fics and put them on my Nook.  I have had to use Sigil on about a 1/3 of them to look right.  The ones that I'm having the most trouble with is all of my old X-Files stories that I love from  I tired to download them in txt formart but that didn't look right.  Then I tired saved them in HTML formart and just removed the background.  Again it doesn't look right.  A lot of the time the text runs too wide for my screen.  I was wondering if any one else has tired to put their old X-files fanfic on their e-reader and what they did to make it look right.
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 Hello everyone. I'm new to this comm, ebooks and ereaders, not fanfic though.  My intro and what I've tried so far )

So my question is, is there some app or program that I can use on my iPad to organize my pdfs (by rating, tag, see descriptions, genre, etc) and read them?


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